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...with understanding of the shipping business



Client's interests protection by monitoring port operations, compliance with official regulations routine, best-practice measures to avoid disbursement extra costs and safeguard against conflict of interests of  different parties involved.



Wide range of inspections for adequate assessment of vessel's cargo compartments, hull and machinery condition, bunker quantity determination, damage surveys and incidents investigations .

Inspections of all types of cargoes, sampling, testing, analysis, pre-loading and pre-discharge surveys, cargo operations supervision, cargo quantity determination, control of terminal and railroad weighing.



Professional cargo holds cleaning up to grain standards performed by certified industrial climbers during port stay, on anchorage or in transit between any ports worldwide. Fuel tanks cleaning to comply with 2020 IMO fuel sulphur regulations. 


     We believe that the accurate inspection and survey services for both ship and cargo with hands-on monitoring of port operations is one of the keys to cost-effective business in the shipping industry. Whether shipowner or charterer, P&I club or insurance company, stock exchange listed conglomerate or small ship operating company is our customer, we understand that our first function is to be an independent, comprehensive and precise instrument for the client to assess real situation locally in the port.


    Based on this vision, Novosealand offers wide range of marine surveys, cargo inspection and protecting agency services along the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Continent and Baltic coastline.


      With access to all major ports in the area through our qualified and experienced local surveyors and agents we able to maintain seamless support to our clients in one of the busiest region on the world shipping map. Support and services at international standards, with understanding of the shipping business' needs.


    Over the years, we maintain strong cooperation with major P&I clubs, insurance companies, shipowners, operators, charterers and cargo principals. We are proud of working with some of the most well known companies in the shipping world and we run our day-to-day operations to ensure that our services meet our clients' expectations.



Our Business


Marine Surveys:

  • On/Off Hire Condition (survey of a vessel's condition on its delivery/redelivery to/from a Charter);

  • Bunker Survey (measurement of a vessel's fuels quantities on board On/Off Hire, on a vessel's bunkering, '221B' bunker detective survey);

  • Draft Survey (calculation of the weight of cargo loaded or unloaded to or from a vessel from measurements of changes in its displacement);

  • Holds Condition (inspection and assessment of a vessel's cargo compartments cleanness before loading or after discharging of cargo, sealing of holds, hatches tightness inspection);

  • Cleaning of Holds;

  • Cargo Cranes (inspection of a vessel's cargo gears, SWL test);

  • Pre-purchase inspection of a vessel;

  • Hull and machinery damage survey.


Cargo Inspections:

  • Pre-loading/Pre-discharge (inspections of any bulk and general cargoes including finished/unfinished steel products, grains, sugar, fertilizers, ores, concentrates, coal and other cargoes);

  • Sampling and Testing of bulk cargoes (including moisture content determination, chemical analysis);

  • Full cycle loading and discharging supervision on cargoes including cleaning of contaminated bulk cargoes;

  • Tally Count and Marking of general cargo;

  • Control of cargo weighing by port and railroad means.


Protecting Agency:

  • Protecting services covering all aspects of port operations;

  • Cost-effective control of disbursements and other expenses;

  • Coordination between port authorities, cargo interests, stevedores and other parties involved in port and cargo operations.



All our surveyors and operation teams are highly experienced professionals and backed up with all necessary equipment and instruments to perform services at up-to-date industry standards level. Our operations are ISO 9001:2008 certified.



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