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Holds Cleaning

Novosealand provides professional cargo holds cleaning service around the world. We acquired many years’ experience in preparing the holds up to grain standard in the short term. Our teams of skilled industrial alpinists (climbers) certified to perform marine high-altitude work are equipped with modern equipment and instruments, allowing to clean any hard-to-reach area in the cargo holds and to deal with any hard-to-remove cargo residues remained in the holds. Their experience and qualification provide the opportunity to solve any problem of any complexity with no delays. Our foremen are engineers, able to arrange smooth cooperation with a ship’s crew and distribute time and resources rationally, allowing them to handle a job quickly.

That's nothing new that many Shipowners and Time Charterers continued to face with such issue as a failure during hold inspection, leading to delays and huge losses. The major problem has often been lack of access to high-to-reach areas in the holds due to their specific constructions and large sizes. It is really quite difficult to undertake such work properly without special equipment, techniques, practical skills and abilities. Since the challenge nowadays is to clean ship's cargo holds up to grain standard quickly and avoid holds inspection failure same time, it has been decided by Novosealand to create several riding teams of industrial climbers able to reach any unreachable area in the hold and to remove any kind of cargo residues remained over there. It doesn't matter how many times your ship carried coal. There is always a chance to load grain or other clean cargo.‎

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All our alpinists are certified specialists equipped with professional uniform, helmets, harnesses, certified ropes, lifelines, fall arresters, descenders, rope clamps, connectors and pulleys designed especially for works at height and rescue operations. We use suitable, stable and strong enough for this job equipment, maintained and checked regularly. We always
think safety.

Holds cleaning can be conducted by a variety of methods including high pressure washing up, scraping, mechanical de-scaling or chemical cleaning. Our experience in this specific field allows us to determine and apply the best and most efficient cleaning method to get the holds suitable for loading grain in bulk.


Cargo holds cleaning in Black Sea (Odessa OPL, Kavkaz, Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Taman anchorage) is one of our most popular service. Cleaning is performed by professional teams of certified industrial alpinists working on ropes and minimum two craftsmen working on a special mobile scaffold. They use their own equipment such as climbing gears, scaffolds and eight high pressure machines equipped with turbo nozzles, able to remove any sensitive cargo such as petroleum coke and cement without the use of chemicals.















We also provide cleaning en-route during sea passage. No matter where the ship is, our personnel able to attend and perform cleaning and disembark at any port/anchorage in the world. All travels, accommodation, cleaning equipment and fitting arrangements are managed by our offices. Our highly experienced technicians are always open for close cooperation and will assist with any specific equipment/fittings according to expected work requirements.

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